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Tarot & Oracle Cards

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To all seekers of hidden truths and spiritual guidance:

Soulhaven invites you on a journey, where each card becomes a mirror reflecting your innermost questions, revealing pathways to spiritual growth and personal enlightenment.


Whether you are at the crossroads of life seeking direction, or a curious soul eager to explore the mysteries of the universe, our readings and courses offer a beacon of light in the quest for understanding. Embrace the opportunity to unlock the doors to self-discovery and awaken to the profound messages that the universe has in store for you.

Tarot and Oracle cards are fascinating tools used for insight and guidance. While they share a common purpose, each has its unique characteristics.

Tarot Cards: A traditional tarot deck has 78 cards. The Major Arcana, 22 of these cards, depict major life events and lessons. The remaining 56 Minor Arcana cards illustrate everyday situations. Each card is rich in symbolism, offering insight into various aspects of life.

Oracle Cards: Oracle cards differ from tarot in that they don't follow a set structure. The number of cards and themes varies from deck to deck, making each one unique. These cards often focus on specific concepts like love, healing, or inspiration and are known for their straightforward messages.

Both types of cards are used in readings to help understand past events, make sense of the present, and offer insights into the future. Whether you’re seeking personal guidance or curious about the broader questions of life, tarot and oracle cards can be a valuable resource for exploring deeper meanings and paths.

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Why Explore Tarot & Oracle Cards?

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Step into the Realm of Mystical Wisdom: Where Every Card Tells a Story.


Workshops & Courses

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Cracking the Code: Opening of the Key Tarot Workshop

Master the intricate 'Opening of the Key' tarot spread in this workshop, a comprehensive technique for deep insights into complex life questions. Learn to skillfully navigate its multi-step process, uncovering nuanced guidance across various aspects of life's challenges and potentials.

tarot basics_ beginner's mastery


Tarot Basics: Beginner's Mastery Workshop (6 Week Programme)

A comprehensive, 6-week programme designed to introduce the art of tarot, covering card meanings, spread techniques, and intuitive reading skills. Perfect for beginners, this course offers a deep dive into the tarot's history, symbolism, and practical applications for self-discovery and divination.

A Union Of Expertise: A Union of Expertise: Kamal & Adrian's Tarot and Oracle Readings

At Soulhaven, you have the privilege of guidance from Kamal and Adrian – each trusted maestros in the art of Tarot and Oracle readings. Their years of experience promise not just diversity in interpretation but a depth that enriches and illuminates.

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