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Soul Essence Unveiled Reading

Discovering Your True Nature

  • 1 h
  • From 180 Singapore dollars
  • Skype Call or Audio Recordings

Service Description

*NOTE: Please note that this reading takes a day to prepare. During the checkout process, we will ask you to fill in some essential details to personalize your reading. You will also be prompted to select a preferred time for the Skype call where your reading will be delivered. If you prefer to receive your reading as an audio recording instead of a Skype call, please tick the relevant option at checkout. In this case, the date you select is just a placeholder. Regardless of the date chosen, we will contact you to confirm its feasibility or to schedule an alternative time, if necessary. *NOTE 2: Before we accept your reading booking, Kamal will need to gain permission from your higher self for accessing your Records. This ensures the reading aligns with your soul’s readiness for transformative insights and guidance towards a more fulfilling life. Embark on a transcendental journey of self-discovery and profound revelation with our exclusive session, "Soul Essence Unveiled: Discovering Your True Nature," harnessing the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records. This transformative reading serves as a gateway to uncover the essence of your soul, revealing its origin, purpose, and guiding forces. Dive into the depths of the Akashic Records to explore the sacred archives of your soul's existence. Gain clarity on the origins of your soul, understanding the unique energy and vibrancy that defines your essence, and discovering where your soul was created, unlocking the profound wisdom of its inception. Illuminate the path ahead as you connect with your spiritual guides. Discover the nurturing presence of these guiding spirits, understanding their role in supporting and directing you along your life's journey. This reading offers an introspective journey, evaluating the alignment of your life with the goals of your soul. Gain invaluable insights into the harmony between your actions, decisions, and aspirations, assessing how closely you've lived in alignment with your soul's higher purpose. Additionally, gain a quantifiable understanding of your consciousness level. Explore your current state of awareness and spiritual awakening, obtaining a tangible measurement of your spiritual growth and evolution along your soul's journey

Contact Details


3 Townshend Road #2.5, Singapore

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