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Living LightUp DNA Activation

Unlock Your Spiritual DNA: Activate Your Living Light for Transformational Growth

  • 2 hr
  • From 486 Singapore dollars
  • Soulhaven Studios

Service Description

Introducing the Living LightUp DNA Activation Service – your pathway to spiritual evolution and self-mastery. This extraordinary two-session service is meticulously designed to awaken the deepest layers of your being, allowing you to harness your innate spiritual powers. Session One: Adrian will initiate the activation of your dormant DNA strands, essential for spiritual purposes. This process begins a profound transformation, aligning your body, mind, and soul with your truest intentions and life purpose. As we activate these strands, you'll feel a surge of renewed energy and clarity, paving the way for significant spiritual advancement. Session Two: Delving deeper, Adrian will focus on clearing psychic hooks – those unseen energy drains that deplete your vitality. By retrieving lost soul fragments from your past lives, we restore your full soul energy, leading to a more balanced and harmonious existence. The highlight of this session is the activation of the Living Light – a powerful, higher-dimensional spiritual energy. This activation gives you unparalleled spiritual power, equipping you to take control of your life and destiny with newfound confidence and direction. Through the Living LightUp DNA Activation sessions, you’ll experience a transformation like no other. This is about empowering you to realize and embrace your true potential. With each session, you'll notice enhanced intuition, greater inner peace, and a stronger connection to your life’s purpose.

Contact Details

  • 3 Townshend Road #2.5, Singapore

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