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Advanced Ziwei Mastery Feng Shui Course

Master the Art of Destiny: Navigate Your Future with Advanced Ziwei Astrology & Fengshui

  • Ended
  • From 2,520 Singapore dollars
  • Soulhaven Studios

Service Description

Dive deep into the ancient practice of Ziwei Astrology and Fengshui with our Advanced Course. Spanning 20 hours, this course is meticulously designed for those passionate about mastering the art of Fengshui and its impact on destiny. You'll embark on a journey that covers the essentials: from understanding the bearing and Luo Pan of a premise, to assessing Fengshui based on individual preferences and the fortune of a location. This course not only teaches you the theoretical aspects but also puts a strong emphasis on practical application. You'll learn how to evaluate residential and commercial premises, understanding their structure and the interplay between interior and exterior matrices. Our unique approach combines virtual learning with hands-on classroom sessions, ensuring a holistic understanding of the subject. The highlight of the course is a practical session where students collectively participate in a real-world Fengshui audit, guided by an experienced master. This session is not just about learning; it's about applying your knowledge to enhance the destiny and fortune of a premise owner. For a fee of S$2800, you'll not only gain invaluable knowledge and skills but also the ability to transform spaces to positively influence people's lives. The course culminates with you being able to perform comprehensive Fengshui assessments and optimizations, turning any space into a vessel of prosperity and well-being. Step into the realm of Advanced Ziwei Astrology and Fengshui, where you learn to harmonize the ancient with the contemporary, shaping destinies and forging brighter futures. Master Jason Koo drives training excellence as follows: 1. Tailor-Made Guidebook: Each participant receives a custom-made guidebook for effective learning. 2. Real-Life Chart Application: Course delivery focuses on using the actual life chart of participants for practical insights. 3. Continuous Learning: Post-course, learning continues as Master Jason Koo establishes a group chat for collective study among participants. 4. Mobile-Friendly Reference Materials: Master Koo provides specific reference materials, easily accessible on mobile phones for 24/7 use, facilitating learning anytime, anywhere.

Contact Details

  • 3 Townshend Road #2.5, Singapore

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