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Other Spiritual Advancements

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To every seeker of spiritual growth and inner healing:

Are you ready to explore the depths of your being with unique and transformative spiritual practices? Do you seek a sanctuary where advanced healing techniques meet personalized spiritual development?

Welcome to Soulhaven.


This category of "Other Spiritual Advancements" is a curated collection of specialized services, each designed to enhance personal growth, healing, and spiritual evolution. We go beyond traditional methods, offering unique and deeply transformative experiences.

Here, you will find a diverse array of practices that go beyond the ordinary, encompassing advanced methodologies and wisdom for those seeking to deepen their spiritual understanding. From the nuanced practices of energy work to the profound depths of mystical teachings, each offering is a gateway to a richer, more meaningful spiritual experience.

They are not just techniques for enhancing daily life but pathways to discovering deeper spiritual truths. These practices help individuals align with the cosmic rhythm and embrace their unique spiritual journey.

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Group Channeled Universal Energies Healing

Experience transformative Channeled Universal Energies Healing sessions, cleansing negativity and manifesting profound shifts for a life of harmony and fulfillment.


deep healing


Deep Healing

Experience transformation with our Deep Healing consultations. You'll receive holistic healing through channeled Universal energies, touching every aspect of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. You'll gain valuable life guidance from your Universal Guides, including insights into your past lives if relevant to your current challenges.



Exorcism and Removal of Negative Energies

Break free from the invisible grips of negative energies and attachments. Our specialized Exorcism and Removal session offers a non-religious, universe-powered cleanse to liberate your body and energy system from harmful spiritual influences, ensuring a safe and profound return to balance and harmony.

twin flame love healing


Twin Flame Love Healing

This personalized healing session aims to balance your Love Frequency and energies, realigning your path to profound connection and harmonious relationships. Ideal for individuals and couples seeking to deepen their love and attract their true soul connections.

hosue cleansing and energising


House Cleansing & Energizing

Transform your living or workspace with our House Cleansing & Energizing service. Expertly crafted to banish negative energies and infuse your environment with positive vibrations, this unique session fosters harmony, prosperity, and well-being.

Living Lightup DNA


Living LightUp DNA Activation

Embark on a profound journey with our Living LightUp DNA Activation service. In just two transformative sessions, awaken your full spiritual potential. This unique experience unlocks dormant DNA strands, enhancing your body, mind, and soul connection. Clear psychic hooks, reclaim lost soul fragments, and harness the power of higher-dimensional Living Light energy to master your life's purpose.

karma clearing


Karma Clearing

Unlock the path to a harmonious life with this Karma Clearing sessions. Dive into a transformative experience that sheds the weight of past and present negative karma, opening doors to prosperity, love, and wellness.

Workshops & Courses

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Mindful Healing: The Power of

Ho'oponopono Workshop

Uncover the healing art of Ho'oponopono, where you'll learn to use mindful forgiveness to create balance, heal relationships, and transform your energy. This course integrates Tarot wisdom, Akashic insights, and practical techniques for emotional release and karmic cleansing.

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Unlocking the Power of Runes: Beginner's Essentials Workshop

Dive into the ancient art of runic divination in our workshop 'Unlocking the Power of Runes: Beginner's Essentials,' where you'll explore rune meanings, casting techniques, and their use for personal growth and guidance. Embark on a journey of discovery with runes, unlocking their deep wisdom and transformative potential.

Your Expert Guides

Each guide, possessing deep knowledge and extensive experience, offers a unique perspective on advanced spiritual practices. They are dedicated to enriching your journey towards enlightenment and personal growth.

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