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For just $1.36/day, gain full access to a world of spiritually enlightening services with Soulhaven Membership. Dive into an expansive collection of soulful sessions, meditative practices, live workshops, courses, events, community and much more.


Explore Your Spiritual Oasis by Modality Here.

This is where your path to holistic wellness begins.


Dharma Yoga


Hatha Yoga

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Gokul Yoga


For Presence


For Stress and Anxiety


For Manifestation


For Gratitude

DALL·E 2023-12-23 13.05.30 - The image shows a person in a peaceful indoor setting, practi

9D Breathwork

DALL·E 2023-12-23 13.15.20 - A serene, calming scene of an adult person lying down flat on


DALL·E 2023-12-23 13.17.20 - A peaceful scene depicting an adult male lying flat on a yoga

SOMA Breathwork

DALL·E 2023-12-23 13.20.02 - A realistic depiction of a breathwork session in a simple, so

Breathwork Journeys

DALL·E 2023-12-23 13.23.09 - A realistic and professional image of a life coaching session

Life Coaching with Breathwork

home and office feng shui

Home and Office Energy Feng Shui

understanding home feng shui

Understanding your Home Feng Shui

destiny reading

Destiny Reading

DALL·E 2023-12-23 15.12.26 - A serene and harmonious room, beautifully arranged with Feng

Fengshui Enhancement

DALL·E 2023-12-27 14.54.26 - A realistic image of a divination session using the binary me

Random Science Divination

DALL·E 2023-12-25 15.33.12 - Create a realistic and professional image representing the 'F

Fortune Numbers

uncovering your roadmap to success career and wealth

Uncovering Your Roadmap to Success: Career & Wealth

intermediate course of ziwei astrology

Elementary Ziwei Astrology Course

intermediate course of ziwei astrology

Intermediate Ziwei Astrology Course

intermediate course of ziwei astrology

Advanced Ziwei Astrology Course

advanced ziwei mastery feng shui course

Advanced Ziwei Mastery Feng Shui Course

the beginner's i ching companion

The Beginner's I Ching Companion Workshop


Past Life Regression (QHHT)

heal with the knowledge of past lives

Heal with the Knowledge of Your Past Lives

akashic records soul reading and healing

Akashic Records Soul Reading & Healing

soul essence unveiled

Soul Essence Unveiled

love connections

Love Connections

manifesting miracles

Manifesting Miracles

path of reflection

Path of Reflection

property clearing kamal

Property Clearing

chakra analysis_ reading energy flow

Chakra Analysis

heal with the knowledge of past lives

Heal with the Knowledge of Your Past Lives

DALL·E 2023-12-31 14.45.17 - Create a realistic image depicting a tarot card relationship

Relationship Reading using Tarot Cards

life and divine guidance using tarot

Life & Divine Guidance using Tarot/Oracle Cards

tarot basics_ beginner's mastery

Tarot Basics: Beginner's Mastery Course

opening of the key tarot workshop

Opening of the Key Tarot Workshop

channeled universal energies healing

Channeled Universal Energies Healing

deep healing

Deep Healing

standard healing

Standard Healing

twin flame love healing

Twin Flame Love Healing


Exorcism and Removal of Spirit/Entity Attachments

hosue cleansing and energising

House Cleansing & Energizing

karma clearing

Karma Clearing

Living Lightup DNA

Living LightUp DNA Activation

mindful healing_ ho'oponopono

Mindful Healing: The Power of Ho'oponopono Workshop


Unlocking the Power of Runes Workshop

Explore Your Spiritual Oasis by Leader Here.

These are your guides.

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Hatha yoga

kamal headshot


Tarot Reader

Akashic Records

I Ching

alan headshot


Energy Healing


Profile Photo - Adrian Ng_edited.png


Past Life Regression

Kundalini Reiki

Universal Channeling Energy Healing

Tarot & Oracle Cards



Dharma yoga

Gokul yoga
Yoga nidra

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Feng Shui


I Ching

Ziwei Astrolog

apple headshot


Reiki Healing

Manifestation & Mindset

raj headshot


Energy Healing



Dharma yoga



9D Breathwork

SOMA Breathwork




Kundalini Awakening



Crystal Sound Baths

... and TONS more!

Your Journey Towards Spiritual Awakening begins with Soulhaven Membership

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