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Charting Your Path to Harmonious Prosperity

The Destiny Architect

Master Koo

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Uncover your


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Architect your

Meet Master Jason Koo, a Feng Shui maestro and Chinese Metaphysics expert. Graduating from ZiWei Feng Shui Academy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Master Koo has become a sought-after practitioner of ZiWei Astrology, I-Ching, and a founding member of the Nanyang I-Ching Association. His mission is to spread the profound wisdom of Chinese history and metaphysics across the globe.

At the heart of Master Koo's practice lies his profound passion for empowering individuals and transforming spaces. He is driven by a deep desire to help people align their lives with the energies that surround them, tapping into the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui and astrology to bring about balance, prosperity, and harmony. His approach is not just about making aesthetic or superficial changes; it's about creating environments and futures that resonate with the natural flow of energy, enhancing well-being and success.

His consulting methodology is unique, focusing on a 'forward vision' of life events and then 'fine-tuning' pathways to enrich destinies. Master Koo's goal is to help his clients experience their most fulfilling and prosperous years, believing that everyone deserves a destiny that is not just good, but golden.


Step into a world of self-discovery and future crafting with Master Koo's specialized readings.

1. "Uncover Your Destiny" – through a Destiny Reading, where you delve into the narrative of your life's path and unearth hidden potentials.

2. "Architect Your Future" – through a suite of readings including Feng Shui Enhancement, Random Science Divination for Success, and Fortune Numbers.

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Fortune Numbers Consultation: Enhancing Destiny with the Power of Numbers

Discover the ancient art of Fortune Numbers, a unique service blending Bazhai Fengshui and I-Ching to harness the mystical power of numbers in enhancing your life. Our tailored Fortune Mobile Phone and Car Plate Numbers are carefully selected to align with your personal energy. 

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Random Science: Divination for Success

Discover the profound insights of Random Science Divination, an ancient practice that combines the elements of Yin and Yang to predict future events with remarkable precision. Our divination method harnesses the science of randomness, revealing potential outcomes and guiding you towards success.

Workshops & Courses



Advanced Course of Ziwei Astrology

Elevate your astrological expertise with the Advanced Course of Ziwei Astrology. In this 16-hour intensive program, explore complex destiny concepts, master QUAN & KE enhancers, and delve into advanced divination techniques. Perfect for those seeking to deepen their understanding and apply their knowledge professionally.

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Advanced Ziwei Mastery Feng Shui Cour

Discover the pinnacle of Ziwei Astrology and Fengshui mastery in this advanced course. Spanning 20 hours, dive deep into advanced techniques for assessing and enhancing the destiny and fortune of residential and commercial premises. Experience hands-on learning with practical sessions and real-world Fengshui audits, gaining the ability to profoundly transform spaces for prosperity and well-being.

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Intermediate Course of Ziwei Astrology

Broaden your astrological insight with the Intermediate Course of Ziwei Astrology. This comprehensive 16-hour course covers interpreting lifelong destiny, rotating fortunes, and the Zi Wei Law of Trinity. Ideal for those looking to go beyond the basics and explore the intricate rhythms of cosmic influence on human life.

"Jason's calculation and prediction works like a charm! This was not the first time he helped me overcome situations through his practice of metaphysis. He gave a detailed report of my readings and very good advice on my adhoc consultations as well."
"Master Koo is a great master of his readings. He can talk into very detail of your life chart and answer any question you have doubt with. I have seen many masters before, and nobody is similar with Master Koo. I noticed tie would show me my life chart as he interpreted my future life events."
"I am impressed by the professional and detailed report of his readings, that goes down to précised degrees. And his guided steps on how to implement the remedies. Am grateful, that I could also seek advice thereafter whenever I encounter some issues."
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A word from Jason:

Born into a family deeply rooted in Chinese culture, with a father who strongly believed in Chinese deities and Feng Shui, you'd think I'd naturally follow the same path. But ironically, that wasn't the case. I attended an English school and developed a strong passion for biology and physics. I leaned towards the Western way of thinking, firmly believing in science.

Growing up, Feng Shui was a constant topic at home. Despite my skepticism, I tried to practice it, but the outcomes were always disappointing. My life was a testament to hard work; I spent 30 years stumbling, learning, and eventually climbing my way up to a CEO position. But everything changed one day, during a casual tea session with a man named Daniel. That meeting was a turning point – he interpreted past events in my life with such accuracy, covering timelines and details with precision, despite barely knowing me.

From that moment, I couldn't look back. I had to uncover the truth for myself. As a staunch believer in science, I was skeptical, but I found that Chinese astrology offers a unique perspective that aligns surprisingly well with scientific principles. And I can prove it. It worked for me personally – my most recent job opportunity was predicted before it even materialized.

Together with my fellow master, we've tackled extreme cases, from helping businesses on the brink of bankruptcy to aiding in terminal illness recovery, including cancer, and even preventing forthcoming health threats. It took me half a century to discover how to make destiny work in my favor, rather than the other way around.

Now, I want to share this knowledge with you. Uncover your destiny, access your future, and take control of your life. Trust me, there's a science in Chinese astrology that can work wonders, just as it did for me.

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