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Kundalini Energy

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For those seeking to master their inner energy and embrace new levels of consciousness, creativity, and inner peace...

Eastern spirituality teaches us that the dormant energy at the base of our spine, known as Kundalini, is a powerful force. When awakened, it can transform our lives, bringing about profound spiritual experiences.

Many spiritual traditions overlook this hidden yet vital aspect of our being. These offerings are designed to bridge this gap. If you’ve felt a calling for deeper spiritual experiences – this is for you.

Whether you are seeking to awaken your inner power through Kundalini Awakening or to deepen your healing abilities, our comprehensive Kundalini programs are designed to guide you every step of the way.

The Solution to Elevate Your Spiritual Experience for Enlightenment

The latent Kundalini energy within you is a pivotal force, shaping your life in ways beyond imagination. However, without conscious awakening and channeling of this energy, there may be a sense of seeking something more profound, even amidst other spiritual practices. Whether you opt for a Kundalini Awakening session or delve into the depths of a Kundalini Healing Reiki course, our experienced facilitators are here to guide you through practices that unlock this potent energy. These transformative experiences, be it in an hour-long session or a comprehensive course, are designed to significantly elevate your consciousness, creativity, and inner tranquility, tapping into this essential energy of your spiritual being.

Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening is an ancient practice that unlocks the dormant, potent energy known as Kundalini, believed to reside at the base of the spine. This practice is akin to awakening a slumbering powerhouse within, which, when activated, courses through the chakras, or energy centers, reaching up to the crown of the head. The awakening of Kundalini is more than a physical experience; it's a profound spiritual transformation that elevates consciousness, sharpens intuition, and brings about a deep sense of inner peace.

As the Kundalini energy ascends, it brings a cascade of profound changes. Practitioners often describe a surge of energy, accompanied by a range of physical sensations, emotions, and even visions. This journey leads to enhanced awareness, allowing one to transcend the ego and embrace a new reality marked by higher consciousness. Kundalini Awakening is not just a spiritual endeavor but a journey of self-discovery, where the individual connects deeply with their essence, realizing their true potential and purpose.

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Kundalini Reiki

Kundalini Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing, expertly guided by Adrian, that focuses on awakening the dormant Kundalini energy at the base of the spine. This practice seamlessly combines the principles of traditional Reiki with the dynamic energy of Kundalini, leading to profound spiritual and physical healing.

In Kundalini Reiki, participants learn to channel this potent energy to heal themselves and others, encompassing both physical and emotional well-being. It involves techniques for hands-on and distance healing, making it a versatile tool in the realm of holistic health.

The practice of Kundalini Reiki goes beyond mere symptom treatment. It aims to release and transform deep-seated emotional blockages, enhancing personal growth and spiritual awakening. As you engage in this practice, you’ll notice an increase in clarity, energy, and a deeper connection to your inner self.

Adrian's approach to Kundalini Reiki is unique in its combination of energy work with intuitive guidance, offering a pathway to harness one's inner power for healing and transformation. Whether you're new to energy healing or an experienced practitioner, Kundalini Reiki offers a profound journey towards self-discovery and holistic well-being.


Why Experience Soulhaven Kundalini Energies?

Embrace the Awakening: Your Journey with Kundalini Energy Starts Here.


kundalini awakening


Kundalini Awakening

Unlock the transformative power of Kundalini Awakening with Maria. This session invites you to unleash a dormant energy within, promising a journey of intense sensations, emotional release, and heightened consciousness. Embrace the ascent of Kundalini as it flows through your chakras, opening the door to profound self-awareness and spiritual clarity. Come with an open heart, ready for a transformative experience into your true essence.


standard healing


Standard Healing

In this one-on-one session, experience the restorative power of Kundalini Reiki, specifically attuned to address and heal your physical health concerns. Let the energy flow and rejuvenate your body.

Workshops & Courses

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Kundalini Reiki (Enhanced Version): Level 1 Healing Course

Discover the art of holistic healing in our one-day course. This session equips you with techniques for both hands-on and distance healing, space cleansing, and improving relationships through healing karmic bands. It's an essential foundation for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being and others', setting the stage for the deeper Kundalini Awakening process in subsequent courses.

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Kundalini Reiki (Enhanced Version): Level 2 Healing Course

Advance your healing capabilities. This full-day session deepens your understanding of mind and emotional healing through Enhanced Inner Child Healing Therapy and Emotional Scale. You'll connect with your Higher Consciousness, learn to address complex spiritual issues, and enhance your spiritual energy through the Kundalini Awakening Process. The course also introduces Kundalini Reiki Meditation, powerful manifestation, and energy protection techniques to fortify your spiritual journey.

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Kundalini Reiki (Enhanced Version): Level 3 (Master) Healing Course

Elevate to the pinnacle of healing. This program not only certifies you as a Kundalini Reiki Master, enabling you to attune others, but also significantly expands your energy channels for more profound healing work. You'll master advanced techniques such as Diamond Reiki, Crystalline Reiki, and Past Life Reiki, gaining skills to heal complex health and life issues, and deepen your understanding of the interconnectedness of life on Earth and the Universe. The course culminates in the complete Kundalini Awakening Process, amplifying your spiritual energy and capabilities.

Class Schedule

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