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Experience healing with

Dr Foo

Your Conscious DJ &
Sound Meditation Facilitator

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Frequency + Intention

= Healing

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– Jonathan Goldman

Sek Sheng, also known by his artist name ‘Dr Foo’, is a conscious musician/DJ & sound meditation facilitator who holds space and prescribes music for healing and integration of deeper aspects of the self. From developing his sound as an underground club DJ in Melbourne to changing his lifestyle to pursue Yoga/ Dharma journeys in India & Bali, and then realising (and learning) the power of sound for therapy, he brings over 10 years of deep sonic tapestry as a wellness modality. 

In sound healing, Dr Foo has received training for Himalayan Singing Bowls from Master Shree in Nepal, multi instrument sound bath from Shervin Boolarian in Bali, and electro-acoustic sound meditation design from Divasonic based in the US. He is also a certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher and Vipassana meditation practitioner. His unique integration of electronic music composition and sound meditation design, coupled with his immersions in traditional yoga and sound healing present deep and etheric journeys that move the soul.
As a sound healer, he plays therapeutic instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, harp, handpan, and mixes them live with electronic music (hypnotic synths, binaural beats), nature sounds and mantras across cultures. 

As a DJ, he plays Progressive, Downtempo, World and Ethnic music, with an inclination for deep journeys that integrate raw emotions with soulful melodies that promote understanding and expansiveness. His sound journeys emphasise the importance of owning our darkness before true healing and expansion can occur, which is a reflection of his own spiritual and artistic journey.

In recent years he has curated soundscapes for yoga and meditation events, full & new moon sound healing journeys as well as conscious/ecstatic dance events at places such as Altered States, Jyan Yoga, Ascend Yoga.


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Integrated Multi-Instrument Sound Bath: Transformative journey from Mud to Lotus

Join us in this sonic meditation session to revitalise your wellbeing and integrate deeper aspects of yourself through a therapeutic multi instrument sound journey like no other, along with guided meditation and yogic breathwork.

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From Earth to Sky: Conscious Dance & Sound Healing

Find deep primal release, creative expression and vibrational healing through conscious dance music and integrative sound bath. Expect a mindful, soulful build up to ecstatic trance states, feeling into and moving through raw emotions, before finding a sense of oneness and peace at the end. 

Dr Foo's Class Schedule

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"Most underrated and talented sound yogi, music guru and instrument geek all in one. I have never felt so recharged and rejuvenated in a long time!"
"My body feels so light after a relaxed session, I always sleep well throughout the class even from the 1st time at his session. Every class delivers a different energy, Sek has a calm vibe and he's always humble. It's my favourite weekly routine"
"I felt like I was literally blossoming from the ground into a lotus, melting my tensions away and transcending into lightness"
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