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Embark on an empowering journey with Soulhaven, redefining the path of spiritual growth and personal transformation. Join us as we craft a new paradigm for holistic wellness and soulful evolution.

Our partners are pioneers in their spiritual practices, driven by a shared commitment to revolutionize personal growth and elevate the human experience. Whether you're an instructor, guide, mentor, or affiliate, aligning with Soulhaven can amplify your impact on mind, body, and spirit.

Wellness Products

Service Providers, Businesses, & Practitioners

Soulhaven aims to transform lives through spiritual exploration and personal growth by collaborating with dedicated teachers, positive businesses and spiritual service providers. If you resonate with our mission, have a passion for advancing the spiritual journey and the desire to elevate humanity, we're seeking individuals who can enhance our offerings and our community's inner journey.

Online Yoga Class

Affiliates & Influencers

Join us in spreading the soulful mission of Soulhaven by sharing our latest offerings with your audience. Earn and enjoy generous rewards for your advocacy while contributing to the spiritual growth of others.

Female radio DJ

Become a Media Partner

At Soulhaven, we're a hub for transformative practices and collaborations, featuring inspiring spiritual teachers and our visionary co-founders. If you're interested in a media partnership that can change lives, let's unite our strengths.

Audience and Lecturer

Corporate Partnerships

Soulhaven's purpose extends beyond personal growth; we strive to create empowering workplaces that nurture human well-being. Bring Soulhaven's curated culture of enhanced holistic well-being to your company to Foster Emotional Wellness, Enhance Productivity, and Cultivate Employee Engagement.

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