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Join A Movement of Spiritual Awakening: Become A Soulhaven Leader

Transform Your Spiritual Journey Into Incredible Impact By Partnering With Soulhaven To Elevate Collective Consciousness.

Singapore Needs Soulhaven. Singapore Needs YOU.

Do you recall your life before discovering Soulhaven?

If you’re like many in our community, Soulhaven has sparked a profound transformation in your life – a transformation that has empowered you to take control of your spiritual journey and explore realms of consciousness you never thought possible.

But there's another side to this awakening:

You might have become more aware – and perhaps even frustrated – seeing others struggle with unfulfilled spiritual needs. Many still wander without direction, unaware of the profound impact spiritual alignment can bring to their lives.

This is where your journey takes a turn towards something greater. You have the chance to make a difference:

This is your invitation to partner with us to bring Soulhaven’s transformative experience to a wider audience, aiming to touch the lives of countless seekers.

Welcome to what could be your most fulfilling calling. Welcome to the Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration.

Experience the uniqueness of our spiritual community...

As you can see, Soulhaven isn't just another wellness studio – it’s a pioneering spiritual community. Today, we start this journey with our first initiative, the Soulhaven Collaborative Program!

How Is This Different... For YOU!?!


Our approach is unlike any traditional partnership. We’re seeking to build deep, lasting collaborations with spiritual guides like you, forming a community of "Illuminating Souls."

First - we offer an attractive 70% revenue share for the services you conduct at Soulhaven.
Second - for leads and sales you bring in, you keep up to 90-100% of the earnings.

Key Steps To Flourish In This Collaboration...

To fully benefit from this opportunity, it’s crucial to follow these steps:

Step #1: Embrace The Soulhaven Vision (Available Now)

Join us in embracing a vision where spirituality and holistic wellness merge. Understand and integrate the ethos of Soulhaven into your practice.

Step #2: The Collaborative Launch (Coming Soon)

Prepare for the official launch of the Soulhaven Collaborative Program. This launch isn’t just an introduction – it’s an invitation to our community to experience your unique spiritual offerings.

Step #3: The Spiritual Expansion Challenge (To Be Announced)

After the initial launch, we’ll introduce the Spiritual Expansion Challenge, designed to deepen the community’s engagement with Soulhaven and your offerings. This will reinforce your presence in our community and attract a steady flow of dedicated seekers

Elevate Your Spiritual Practice With Soulhaven To The Ultimate Level

The Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration is an unprecedented opportunity for Soulhaven members passionate about their spiritual journey and eager to share this gift with others.

As a Soulhaven Leader, you’ll undergo deep, interactive training with our founders and the Soulhaven team. They will mentor you in attracting, nurturing, and guiding your very own circle of spiritual seekers.

From identifying potential members to leveraging our comprehensive sales and marketing tools, to facilitating life-enriching Soulhaven experiences – we’re here to support you at every step of your transformative journey as a Soulhaven Leader.


Whether you aspire to enhance your part-time spiritual practice or are looking at a full-time spiritual mentorship role, our program is designed to meet you where you are and elevate you to a beacon of change and growth, the Soulhaven way.

Impact of The Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration On you, Your Community & Singapore

The Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration offers the chance to build and guide your own Soulhaven group, be it in your local community or in a digital space.

Here are just some of the benefits our Soulhaven Leaders can expect:


Spiritual Mastery

By teaching others, you deepen your own spiritual practice. Collaborating with fellow Soulhaven Leaders and our founders, your own spiritual journey will evolve in extraordinary ways.


A Purpose-Driven Mission

Transform empowering others into your mission, either as a side venture or a full-time calling. Our comprehensive Soulhaven Business System provides all tools and support necessary for your success.


A Gratifying Side Income

As a Soulhaven Leader, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn financial rewards by sharing Soulhaven’s vision. All Soulhaven programs will be available to you at exclusive rates, and you have complete autonomy over your earning potential.


A Positive Global Impact

If you, like us, believe in raising collective consciousness and empowering lives, your role as a Soulhaven Leader is vital. You’ll be instrumental in our mission to touch lives with Soulhaven – and all the positivity it brings.


How The Program Works

The Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration isn’t just about coaching – it’s about marketing, facilitating, and community building, with a vast network of students and a robust support system, led by our founders themselves.


We aim to prepare you comprehensively to be a successful Leader, providing you with resources to grow your Soulhaven presence.


You’ll partake in the Collaboration program through training sessions, both live and recorded. Covering every aspect of successful promotion, sale, and facilitation of Soulhaven experiences for individuals or groups, you’ll learn to host in various formats: online, in-person, and even organizing Soulhaven retreats.

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The Collaboration and Program

The Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration is structured to include manuals and live training calls. Each week you’ll access new training materials, preparing you for the hands-on practice sessions during the live calls. Our bi-weekly Q&A sessions with the founders will answer all your queries. The program will cover:

Week 1: Onboarding + Kickoff

Week 2: Soulhaven Online Facilitation

Week 3: Soulhaven Mastery Facilitation

Week 4: Soulhaven for Organizations + Q&A

Week 5: Soulhaven Retreats

Week 6: Soulhaven Business System + Q&A

Weeks 7-8: Exam, Assignments, and Program Completion Celebration

Meet Your Trainers

Our founders and team are not just trainers; they are pioneers in the field of spiritual wellness. With their guidance, you’ll learn not only how to facilitate Soulhaven’s teachings but also to integrate these practices into your life and the lives of others.

What’s Included In The Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration

  • The Full 8-Week Leaders Collaboration Program

  • Exclusive Access To Soulhaven’s Sales & Marketing


  • A Personal Profile In The Official Soulhaven Leaders Directory

  • A Private Virtual Community Group For Your Students

Apply Now

Application Deadline: [Insert Date]

Do You Have What It Takes To Help Us Elevate Humanity?

This Program Is Right For You If…

You’ve been transformed by Soulhaven and want to deepen this impact

You’re excited to spread Soulhaven’s vision globally

You’re eager to be mentored by our team, committing to the trainings and learnings

You desire to generate income – or even a career – by sharing Soulhaven with others

You embody the values of Soulhaven, constantly evolving in your spiritual journey

This Program Is NOT Right For You If…

You’re new to Soulhaven and unsure of its transformative impact

You’re not interested in guiding others on their spiritual path

You can’t commit to weekly training throughout the certification process

You’re hesitant to promote and facilitate Soulhaven

How To Become A Certified Soulhaven Leader (Your Next Steps)

Becoming a Soulhaven Leader begins a beautiful partnership, with one collaborative mission: elevating humanity through spirituality, facilitated by a global community of Soulhaven Leaders like you!

STEP 1: APPLY – Click the ‘Apply Now’ button on this page and submit your application form before the deadline.

STEP 2: ACCEPTANCE – Upon acceptance, you’ll receive an email with further instructions.

STEP 3: START THE PROGRAM – Once enrolled, you’ll receive access to the Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration, starting with the Onboarding Call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets the Soulhaven Leaders Collaboration apart?

How much can I earn as a Soulhaven Leader?

What is the selection process for Soulhaven Leaders?

Ready To Transform Your Spiritual Passion Into A Global Impact As A Certified Soulhaven Leader?

Hello from Soulhaven...

If you're here, it means you're invited to be part of something extraordinary – the launch of Soulhaven's Collaborative Program.


This isn't just another affiliate opportunity... We're starting a movement that pays you long-term, with the potential for residual income as our community grows.

This is about fostering a movement that offers long-term spiritual growth and rewards. We're initiating a collaborative journey that will shape the landscape of spiritual wellness in Singapore and beyond.

You’re here at the very start, before the world catches on. Here's our vision for where Soulhaven is headed:

Our Vision For Soulhaven Leaders


Step #1

After signing up, use the link provided to bring others to this page, building your 2nd tier commissions! Remember, you earn 10% LIFETIME RECURRING commissions from referrals!

What To Do Next...?

Step #2

For any queries, or support related to the launch, reach out to our Soulhaven team to get all the resources you need to kickstart this new income stream!

Austin Contact Info:

+65 9270 2194

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If this all resonates with you,
reach out to us.

We're eager to explore collaboration opportunities that expand our collective reach in elevating human consciousness.

Let's embark on this journey together as united lightworkers. Take the first step by applying below or emailing us at

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