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Apple Morales, a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader, has made a significant impact in various industries throughout her career. With a diverse background spanning from manufacturing, retail, and distribution, and now heading a tech company in Singapore and Australia, she brings more than two decades of invaluable business experience to the table.

While Apple thrived in the corporate world and enjoyed mentoring individuals in business, she felt a void within herself. Amidst the demands of running multiple businesses and being a single parent, she discovered solace in meditation. It became her sanctuary, providing clarity of mind and alleviating the stress that came with a hectic lifestyle.

Spirituality had always been an integral part of Apple's life, and she attributed her success to maintaining a grateful state of mind. Driven by an innate desire to become a better person, Apple embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery and became a certified life coach. This pursuit led her to delve deeper into spirituality, starting with meditation over 15 years ago.

With an insatiable curiosity, Apple explored various spiritual modalities and obtained certifications in Reiki, Energy healing, the law of attraction, and more. She firmly believes in the power of manifestation and has experienced its transformative effects firsthand. This deeply rooted belief inspires her to share her knowledge and experiences, empowering others to manifest their desires and live their best lives.

Apple wholeheartedly believes that everyone possesses the innate ability to manifest anything they desire. It is her mission to guide individuals in tapping into their own manifesting potential, helping them create a life filled with abundance, joy, and fulfilment. With a unique blend of practical business acumen and spiritual wisdom, Apple Morales is poised to make a profound impact on those seeking to unlock their true potential.

Workshops & Courses



If you've ever wondered how to make your dreams a reality, this workshop is your key to unlocking the power of manifestation. In this power-packed session, you'll learn proven techniques and practical tips to manifest abundance in all areas of your life.

"I cannot recommend Apple enough as a manifestation coach. Her knowledge and passion for helping others manifest their dreams are evident in every session. With her guidance, I have manifested abundance, joy, and even material possessions. Thank you, Apple, for helping me transform my life!"
"Apple is a gifted manifestation coach who has helped me unlock my full potential. With her guidance, I have manifested opportunities and success in my career that I never thought possible. Apple's unique approach and deep understanding in business and of manifestation techniques have brought incredible results into my life. I am forever grateful. "
"Apple Morales is an exceptional mindset coach who has truly made a difference in my life. Her ability to listen without judgment and provide practical tools and strategies has helped me navigate through difficult times. Apple's compassionate and insightful approach has allowed me to break through mental barriers and achieve a newfound sense of clarity and confidence. I am grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her services. "
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