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Yamas & Niyamas,

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Andrey's page

– Sri Dharma Mittra

Meet Andrey, a registered 200 Hr Dharma Yoga teacher, trained under the guidance of the living yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra (@dharmayoganyc) and the senior Dharma Yoga teacher Daphne (@dustyoga).

Andrey started practicing yoga in 2015 when living in New York City and discovered Dharma Yoga in 2017 through his dear teacher Daphne when living in Hong Kong. He completed the 200 Hr Life of a Yogi teacher training in 2020 and attended the 500 Hr 'Life of a Yogi teacher training in 2022 – both at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York. 

Andrey aspires to live the life of a yogi following the ethical rules of yoga, Yama and Niyama, in daily life both on and off the mat. He is deeply inspired by his teachers who are dedicating most of their life in service to humanity teaching yoga, the ancient knowledge how to attain radiant health and develop spirituality. 

As taught by Sri Dharma, Andrey's practice is anchored in the classical eight limbs of yoga. His classes are welcoming for both beginners and advanced yoga pracatitioners.

Off the mat Andrey Andrey works as a consultant in the climate & sustainability space.

Andrey's Class Schedule

"Thanks Andrey for offering the practice to us! His demonstration is clear, he is focusing on each student during the practice and helps to adjust our alignment when needed. Hopefully I can join his class again soon. "
"I like the pace of the whole sequence. I also like the so-hum breathing during the movement which helped me to find back to my breath when I struggled in poses."
"Andrey brings the philosophies of yoga to life through his teachings. I felt like I didn't just learn about the asanas, but also had a chance to explore the broader context of yoga, including its spiritual dimensions."
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