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Welcome to Soulhaven,
where an extraordinary vision awaits you.


Our grand vision is to serve as your ultimate haven, a one-stop sanctuary for those open to embracing spiritual exploration and inner transformation. We're here to usher you on an expedition of self-discovery. 

Our focus is personal transformation, inner peace, and the cultivation of a harmonious life. Guided by a team of inspiring instructors and partners, we hope to illuminate your path, empowering your journey with mindfulness and wellness. Whether you're delving into the art of yoga, exploring the balance of barre, or immersing yourself in the world of energy healing, our mission is to hold space for you and offer you a sanctuary where you can nourish your soul and reignite your spirit.


When you become a member of Soulhaven, you're welcomed into a close-knit community, a circle of kindred spirits who gather for events and experiences tailored to your inner journey. At Soulhaven Studios, situated at Townshend Road, we embark on this collective practice, providing classes of sound baths, yoga & more. Yet, we envision something far greater beyond these humble beginnings. Our sights are set on expanding into a holistic wellness club, featuring fully equipped studios and co-working spaces designed to elevate your mental and spiritual horizons.


Soulhaven transcends the realm of a mere physical place; it's an ever-evolving concept, pulsating with the boundless energy of visionaries, learners, and dreamers who come together to co-elevate. We anticipate the honor of sharing this remarkable journey with you. 

Here's to a life overflowing with limitless possibilities.






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